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My role consisted of providing insights on how the product worked for creative and creating a series of test edits.


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In 2011, Google launched the Chromebook, which is device that runs Chrome OS. In the fall of 2017, Chromebook launched a new campaign to re-introduce Chromebook to the world.


Consideration for the Chromebook is lower because of the overall lack of familiarity of the device.


Reposition the Chromebook, as the computer built for computing in the mobile first world.      

It's the New Way

The Result

We created a global brand campaign, which relaunched Google Chromebook. It led to over 75 different TV deliverables and over 2 billion media impressions.

Case Study Breakdown

Behind You Chromebook

The Approach

We set goals to understand and solve for the following areas:

1. To understand how the Chromebook works
2. Develop use cases that were culturally relevant
3. Increase Chromebook familiarity in 60 seconds or less

Understanding Chromebook

Every device has core features and benefits for consumers to consider. The Chrome OS is the software in every Chromebook, it has a series of features such as, speed, security, and efficiency. We focused on these core feature to understand what benefits may derive from them and relate back to consumers.

Use Cases

Based on the features and benefits of the Chromebook, we developed "use cases" to showcase the relevancy and productivity. We did this by aligning each use case with UGC and the UI from applications users can use on the Chromebook.

Testing It Out

We created a pace that was driven by content and music. We had solve for the amount of time needed for consumers to digest the message, primarily because we used copy to narrate our case studies.

In the End

This project was the first campaign that I had the opportunity to work on. The key learnings that I gained was understanding the overall production process and the power of iterating to solve large problems. I also, gained a skill with working in Adobe Premiere.More importantly, A&L became AOR for Chromebook.

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