White Walkers Collab

Chromebook – Brand Activation

2018 – Arts & Letters Creative Co.

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Part 01 – Project Breakdown

What's Possible On Chromebook

In 2018, Google aimed to launch a marketing campaign with the HBO series Game of Thrones, to promote the Chromebook.

During this project, I specifically worked on designing the campaign digital touch-points. I worked in tangent with our digital partners at UpperQuad, in regards to the website development. I provided the agency with user flows, UX/UI/IA documentation and recommendations.

The Challenge

The Chromebook team had conducted marketing research during its rebranding process. The research showed that a large portion of Chromebooks target audience were fans of the Game of Thrones series.

We were tasked with creating a marketing campaign that would show potential users what was possible on the Chromebook via the HBO partnership.

The challenges with this particular ask, was creating a campaign and digital presence that would highlight the Chromebook versus having it overshadowed by the hit series.

The Solution

To solve our challenges, we created use cases to highlight specific Chromebook applications and features through the lens of the White Walkers. Each use case would showcase different ways users can collaborate and create content on the Chromebook. By use the narrative of the White Walkers marching to Westros to frame our use cases.

Part 02 – User Experience & Design Process

of Content

We created three part brand activation with Chromebook and the White Walkers, which included a slides presentation, demo video, and website. Each piece of the activation was designed to feed fans content from the show, but more importantly showcase what's possible on a Chromebook.

The core objective was to increase familiarity and educate users on Chromebook. I organized the content within core areas to meet that goal. In addition, we had to figure out how to bring some balance between the Chromebook and HBO content on the site.

User Flow

There were many factors that I had to take into consideration when designing the site. Mainly because the site acted as the hub for the campaign. So working across different touch points to ensure a cohesive user flow and experience for users once they were directed to the site was essential, in order to maintain the objective of the campaign.


The core function of the White Walkers site was to allow users to access the interactive presentation, more importantly to highlight Chromebook and tools used to create the presentation.
When creating the initial wireframes for the site, it was crucial to find balance between the show, HBO, and the Chromebook.

Part 03 – Site Design

It To Life

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Working with the design team at UpperQuad, we were able to bring the White Walker site to life. I provided documentation and assets, which were used to create the site.

Part 04 – Takeaways

Learning & Results

Over 3+ Million
View Across All Channels

+41% Increase
Overall Product Consideration

During this project I gained experience developing a multilayered activation. The website, that I took part in creating was just one piece of the puzzle. I had to understand the importance of balance and ensuring that users had a connective experience throughout all touchpoint.

Unfortunately, by no fault of the Chromebook, the Night King and the White Walkers collaboration had no chances against the goat, Arya Stark.


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