Make Google Do It

Google Assistant – Marketing Campaign

2018 – Arts & Letters Creative Co.

Part 01 – Project Breakdown

Everyone Needs
A Little Help

The Google Assistant made its debut in 2016. Since then Google has created over 1 million queries for the Assistant, as well as integrated it across Google and partnered devices.

Over the course of this project I worked across various areas and provided my team with additional insights on how users may use the Google Assistant to better our communication efforts. In addition, I created a series of test spots for the campaign.

The Challenge

The Google Assistant has multiple features and capabilities that are beneficial for many types of users. We were tasked to help raise awareness and communicate those benefits and features to potential customers.

The Solution

Everyone needs a little help in their daily lives and the Google Assistant is the perfect tool to do just that. We created Make Google Do It, a campaign that showcases how people can use the Google Assistant throughout their day.

Part 02 – Discovery & Research

Exploring the Google Assistant

"Hey Google" is the only command needed to activate thousands of queries. In order to understand the service more, we took a few weeks to test the Google Assistant in our personal lives.

Use Case Development

Google Assistant can do a lot of different things. In order to build relatable use cases, we focused on areas that would be relevant to everyday tasks that users would participate in regularly.

Part 03 – Takeaways

Learning & Results

This campaign launched during the 2018 Oscars, with special appearances from John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Kevin Durant, and Sia. It garnered global attention and earned millions of media impressions across platforms.

The key learning from this experience is the power of relatability. If you have a product or service that can solve daily problems and you’re able to tell that story and make it relevant, the overall impact can be major.


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