Liberty Cannabis

Liberty Cannabis– Email Design System

2019 – FortyFour

Part 01 – Project Breakdown

Refreshing Liberty Cannabis

Liberty Cannabis is a dispensary based in Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and California. They are dedicated to providing their customers with individualized care, innovative products, and exceptional experiences.

During this project, I led the effort in restructuring the dispensary email design system.

The Challenge

Reimagine the current email design system and content structure to increase the response rate among recipients. Create Brand, Store, Loyalty, and Win-Back emails that are distinct from each other and drive engagement with the brand.

The Solution

An email modular design system that would provide flexibility and diversity among the series of emails that Liberty sends each month.

Part 02 – Approach & Design Process

Atomic Design System

We used an atomic, component-based design framework that allows us to deploy a range of flexible content types. 

These modules can be combined in scalable ways that create visual cohesion and production efficiencies across the email ecosystem.

Content Categories

We categorized the content needs across Brand, Store, Loyalty, and Winback email types, creating a roadmap of modules and content types that help build our toolkit. These categories range from local, store-based info and product deals, to higher-level brand awareness and social events.

UX Challenge

The challenge after landing on a design approach, as well as selecting the types of modules we would need for each type of email was designing modules that would be unique and interchangeable. In addition, we wanted to ensure that each module would be designed with a mobile first mindset.

Part 03 – Email Design

Re-Launching Liberty Emails

For the final email designs, we wanted to create a distinct look for each email, while maintaining a comprehensive brand look and feel.

Part 04 – Takeaways

Learning & Results

The challenging part of designing an email system for Liberty Cannabis is the legislation around the Cannabis industry, especially across state lines. Thus building a dynamic email system is more of an essentially tool for the company going forward.



Creative Team

Stanley Hines – UX/Visual Designer

Laura Wilson – Senior Designer

Thomas Mullen – Senior Copywriter



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