Asurion Upgrade

Asurion – Website Redesign

2019 – FortyFour

Part 01 – Project Breakdown

Asurion Digital Refresh

Asurion is a leading insurance company in America. They provide coverage and assistance to their customers across their technology devices, including smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics, and appliances. The Asurion team needed help bringing their new brand identity to the digital space.

I worked in tangent with a lead senior designer on this project. Together we redesigned roughly 25 pages.

Design Challenge

This project contained many variables that we had to address throughout the process. Asurion tasked us with a website re-skin of there existing site. However, we were only scoped to redesign the site, thus we couldn't adjust the backend functionalities and/or make UX recommendations. In addition, the new brand guidelines and design principles provided by the client were not 100% applicable to the existing site.

Part 02 – Brand Identity

Re-Working Elements

We tested out various Asurion design principles across the pages that we designed. We reworked and applied new rules around spacing, responsive text sizes, usage of colors, etc. to create a flexible design system that could be applied across the site, including pages that we were not tasked to redesign.

Part 03 – Website Redesign

The Refresh Final Design

Redesigning the pages on the Asurion site wasn’t a streamlined process. We created a lot of iterations based on new discovers, design obstacles, and client feedback.

We had a set of pages that were outliers from the rest of the site. For these pages, we adjusted the design guidelines, as needed while maintaining the continuity across the site.

Asurion has a series of partnerships with different carriers. For these pages we had to find a balance between Asurion and the respective carriers brand guidelines and identity.

Part 04 – Takeaways

Learning & Results

The Asurion updates are currently in development, so the site isn’t currently live. However, feel free to refer to the existing site to see where the improvements are heading. 

Communication and adaptability were essential throughout this process. We had to ensure communication with our developers to maintain feasibility. We had to adapt based on client feedback, as well as per page.  



Design Team

Stanley Hines – Designer

James Bytheway – Lead Senior Designer



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Adobe Illustrator

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