Make Google Do It

It's the new way of doing things.

Brief Summary

The Google Assistant made its debut in 2016. Since then Google has created over 1 million queries for the Google Assistant, as well as implemented it across Google and partnered devices.


I provided my team with additional insights on how users may use the Google Assistant. In addition, I worked on creating a series of test spots for the campaign.


Arts & Letters Creative Co.




Adobe Premiere Pro

Getting Started

The Problem
and Outcome


Help raise awareness on how people can use the Google Assistant in their daily lives.


Make Google Do It, a campaign that highlights areas in our lives where we could use a little help.

Approach and Research

Goals of

  1. What can the Google Assistant do?
  2. Develop relatable use cases

Understanding the Assistant

Google Assistant is integrated across a variety of areas. It contains queries around action, as well as questions and entertainment. We found that the Assistant could easily find a place in our daily lives.

Use Case

Google Assistant can do a lot of different things, however we focused on areas that would be relevant to everyday tasks that users would participate in regularly.


This campaign launched during the 2018 Oscars, with special appearances from John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Kevin Durant, and Sia. It garnered global attention and earned millions of media impressions across platforms.

The key learning from this experience is the power of relatability. If you have a product or service that can solve daily problems and you’re able to tell that story and make it relevant, the overall impact can be major.

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