Hi, my name is Stanley and I am a UX designer @Stink Studios in NYC.

I am an Experience Designer with the belief that culture and behavior drives good and lasting design. Over the years I've worked and studied design theories, brand marketing & strategy, communications, and human-centered design. I am always eager to design around difficult questions to solve big problems.

Prior to relocating to Atlanta, I spent four years in Richmond, Virginia. I earned my Masters in Experience Design from the VCU Brandcenter and worked at the start-up agency Arts & Letters Creative Co., where I had the opportunity to launch new products and platforms for the Chromebook and Google Assistant.

The best thing about me is that I am just me. I don't fit into any box and I am not your typical Experience Designer or creative. If you are feeling my vibe, feel free to reach out because my lines are always open.


Currently at Stink Studios

Previously at Arts & Letters Creative Co.

VCU Brandcenter – Experience Design

Temple University – Art Direction

Press & Recognition