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Product Innovation


I primarily worked on developing the overall business and strategic rationale for our product. I also designed the UX/UI integrations that we created. My team consisted of two talented experience designers and together we concepted our product idea and created our final pitch.


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2017 AKAQ Future Lion


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In 2017, my team and I entered AKQA Future Lions competition. Every year the agency challenges students to connect an audience to a new product or service from a global brand that wasn’t possible three years ago.


Find a way to enhance productivity across any everyday task.


BoseNeuro 35, a neuro-control headset that plays music based on your mood to avoid breaking productivity during tasks.

BoseNeuro 35

The Result

We created a product innovation focusing on music and neurotechnology, which was selected to earn a Future Lion in 2017.

Case Study Breakdown

Behind BoseNeuro 35

Approach and Research

We conducted our own research in order to create an innovative viable product and user experience. We gathered information regarding the various markets, new technologies, and studies on productivity and music.

Music and Productivity Research

We discovered that music and productivity goes hand-in-hand. Many studies highlighted the relationship between both, as a net positive.

*Below is a summary of our findings.

Market Research

I examined the global markets for the headphone and earphone industry, music industry, and the neurotechnology industry.

*Below are summaries of our findings.


There is an opportunity combine three growing markets to create a product that solves productivity through music.

Building with Bose

Based on all of our research, we wanted a brand that had the history of research and passion for innovation. Bose aligned the most with the goal of creating a Neuro-Controlled based headset.

BoseNeuro 35

Feature Breakdown

The BoseNeuro 35 headphones are embedded with brainwave monitoring (Electroencephalography) EEG sensors chips, which are placed on the upper and detachable headband. The EEG chips are used to synchronized with users neurons on top of users head and forehead, in order to measure users focus states.


How it works

The Neuro-Control feature enables users to connect the BoseNeuro 35 headphones. The feature also provides users with personal stats and curated playlists based on the data collected from the headphone usage.

Working within our research, we determined that Spotify and Pandora would be ideal platforms to integrate the Neuro-Control feature.

User Experience

When designing the feature, I focused on the user flow of connected the headphones to one of these platforms and the user and experience for the Neuro-Control feature within each application.

Spotify User Flow Breakdown

Pandora User Flow Breakdown

Neuro-Control Wireframes

Integration Design

Seamless and personalized design was the my core approach for each platform that the Neuro-Control feature was integrated with.

In the End

Some of the key learnings from this project was gaining an understanding of the importance of a brands mission and innovation. I found that it is essential to sync a brand with an idea that is true to its mission. I also, gained a better understanding of designing a specific feature, across different platforms.

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