I’m Stanley and I am not your typical Experience Designer. I have a broad background within the space of advertising and tech. I believe that culture can change the dynamics between people and brands.

I am a digital innovator with an eye of looking at the bigger picture. I focus on things around me, to influence the way I tackle problems and design. For the past two years I spent time learning and growing at a startup agency in Richmond, Va. where I helped launch global campaigns for Google. Two years, prior to that, I spent time learning human-centered design while studying Experience Design at the VCU Brandcenter.

In my experience, I've tackled User Experience from a product and service viewpoint, as well as through the lens of marketing and branding. Over the years I've gained experience in UX, strategy, art direction and design. I am obsessed with creating connected platforms for brands to thrive under and for people to connect with, in hopes of solving challenging problems both parties may face.

Feeling my vibe or want to learn more about me, feel free to reach out. My lines are always open.

Previously at

Arts & Letters Creative Co.


2019 One Show Merit
2017 AKQA Future Lion
2016 AKQA Future Lion Short List
2016 LAGRANT Foundation

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